Dr. Andy Zheng graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 2014 with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. Upon returning to Singapore, Andy founded the Aspiring Citizens Cleantech (ACC), with the vision of pushing the global effort of transitioning to a sustainable energy future. ACC's approach is to provide a full set of technology, business model, and policy innovations to assist governments in accelerating this transition. Andy's passion and vision, translated into entrepreneurial actions, have been strongly influenced by many inspiring thought leaders from Berkeley.

Supervised by  Prof. Daniel Kammen at U.C. Berkeley, Andy studied and researched on renewable energy policy, with a focus on the role of how to translate R&D funding and deployment incentives into a cluster of innovative enterprises. Prof. Kammen is also currently serving on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Prime Minister's Office National Research Foundation.

Being the last PhD student member of Prof. Arun Majumdar'€™s research group at U.C. Berkeley, Andy has the fortune to be mentored by Prof. Majumdar on technologies and policies for a sustainable energy future. This took place even during Prof. Majumdar'€™s transition from Berkeley to U.S. Under-Secretary of Energy, then to Google V.P. for Energy, and finally to Stanford University. Prof. Majumdar is also currently serving on the International Advisory Panel on Energy of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.